Modest Wear


Looking for something to wear that is less skin revealing yet classy, elegant, modern and artistic? You’ve come to the right place! is one of the leading modest fashion online shop in Indonesia where you will find the latest trends in printed modest wear created by Indonesian fashion designer Devain Kapoor.

The term modest fashion or modest dressing refers to a fashion trend in women of wearing less skin-revealing clothes, especially in a way that satisfies their spiritual and stylistic requirements for reasons of faith, religion or personal preference. Here at, we interpret modest fashion to mean loose clothing, comfortable dressing and covering of the body according to a person’s own comfort, while still maintaining a sense of style, luxury and edginess. This makes our modest wear section more than a Muslim wear online shop or a place to buy Muslim printed dresses online!

Our modest wear collection generally have long sleeves and use luxurious silks that aren’t see through and is the best place to shop modest clothing for women.